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Sep 15, 2021 · The first form of the verb can be used after a modal auxiliary. The main auxiliary verbs are be, have, and do.
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  • Note that these verbs can function as both auxiliary verbs and main verbs.
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  • We.
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    We have roughly 16 auxiliary verbs in the English language.

  • For instance, all be, have, and do verbs can show different tenses.
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    For example, a sentence that used the auxiliary verb, could, would also need a main verb for this helping verb to make sense.

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  • For example (auxiliary verbs highlighted, main verbs in bold): Tense.
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    Auxiliary verbs are of three types.

  • BEING = is being, am being, are being, was being, were being.
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    This grammatical element has different forms as will be examined in this unit.

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    The two main types of auxiliary verb are: be, do, have and will Modals (could, should, must, will etc) 'be' 'do' 'have' 'will' Auxiliary Verbs.