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Jun 11, 2010 · It's quick, easy, waterproof and can be tiled on immediately, but costs more than backer board. Ever wondered how to install cement backer board before laying tile! Wonder no longer, I will show you the exact process to do this installation with tips.
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  • Step 1:.
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    Before installing the backer board in the shower pan, ensure to level and screed (smooth) out any imperfections in the flooring.

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    The Hardie ® Backer.

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    HardieBacker fibre cement backerboard is perfect as a ti.

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  • Texture can be applied to HardieBacker board in the same way as drywall.
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    We are replacing the carpet around our Heart Shaped tub with tile.

  • First, sheath the walls with foam, plywood, or oriented strand board (OSB).
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    then waterproof the walls, install the mortar with vertical troweled grooves, set the tile, wait, install sealant under each tile, stopping at each vertical joint for a small gap, plug the gap with a spacer before grouting, then fully grout, remove the spacers, and clean the tile.

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    Repeat this process, spreading mortar and laying the backer board one sheet at a time.